Communicating about feelings, thoughts and worries in a pleasurable way. That’s possible!
Also after painful moments in life.

Art & bereavement therapy

Daisy Luiten uses her beautiful colourful bereavement board game All the Stars Above with a family

All the Stars Above | Tool for therapists & coaches

The talking stick on the therapeutic bereavement tool All the Stars Above of Art therapist Daisy Luiten.

Daisy Luiten art therapist specializing in loss and bereavement

Glad you found my website! Let me introduce myself, my name is Daisy Luiten, I am married and mother of two children (2013 & 2014). I have a practice at home since 2001. I also gave therapy in an organization for primary education for many years.

After high school, my path seemed to go in a different direction at first. I studied to become a graphic designer. Unfortunately during this study my mother died. I was 19 years old. I searched for help and found a therapist who helped me to express myself via the arts. This was such a great help. I decided to continue studying with the aim to become an art therapist. In addition, I volunteered for eight years at two different organizations for grieving children and teenagers.

From the combination of my own experience as a teenager (experiencing difficulty in sharing feelings), my study in graphic design and the art and bereavement therapist I have become, I develop therapeutic products in the field of loss and grief with the aim of facilitating communication. Especially for therapist working with bereaved children, teenagers and/or adults I developed All the Stars Above. This double awarded tool helps people of all ages to open up about their feelings, thoughts and worries. 

Daisy Luiten