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Private Skype Workshop All the Stars Above (price per hour)

Private Skype Workshop All the Stars Above. Workshop for therapists and counsellors who want to use All the Stars Above.
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During this private workshop Daisy will give you background information and she will explain how to use All the Stars Above. You will have an excellent opportunity to ask all your questions. Deppending on the time left you get to play All the Stars Above via the webcam so you will actually experience how it works. 

Of course this workhop is different from a live workshop in which you can practice your role as a therapist with the other participants as clients, but many therapists started using All the Stars Above with lots of enthousiasm afther a skype workshop.

To prepare yourself for this workshop you can watch a therapy session where Daisy uses All the Stars Above with an American family. You can find this 10 minute during youtube film on
 the media page