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Work of clients

Below you can see work of some of my clients to give you an idea of possibilities in Art Therapy.

What does your anger-box look like?
Jordy's anger-box (8 years old). He can
put notes in it when he is very angry.


If you had an island all to yourself,
what would it look like?
Jordy's island (8 years old).

What does your horror-box look like?
The horror-box of a 10-year-old girl,
made with nails, thumb-tacks, pins and
self-broken mirror splinters.


A frame with your own mosaic-mirror
This is the mosaic-mirror of Kim (9 years old),
made with plaster and self-broken mirror splinters.

What feelings do you know?
Where do you feel them in your body?
Body of feelings, picture of 7 year old boy.


A Worry Tree that carries your worries
during the summer holiday.
Worries (and tree) of a 12 year old.

A Worry Doll with a sad and a happy side
(from: Het leven duurt een leven lang,
Authors: Annet Weijers and Petra Penning)
Daisy (12 years old), made her own Worry Doll.


Een dromenvanger.

A Dream Catcher
(from: Het leven duurt een leven lang,
Authors: Annet Weijers and Petra Penning)
This is Daisy’s (12 years old) Dream Catcher.
It helped her deal with the scary thoughts and
nightmares she had. Those thoughts and
dreams will stick in the web.


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