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Daisy's Practice

Everyone wants to feel happy. You deserve that too!

102_8608_spelen_D_G_HNice safe place
I am convinced it's possible to communicate about feelings, memories, thoughts and worries in a pleasant way. Also after painful events in life.

You can feel terrible and what happened can be very tough. At those moments it could be nice to have a place for yourself where you can talk about what happened to you, and to sort out your life to some extent.

Daisy's way of working
Together we look at your way of handling difficulties you met in your life. What fits you? Do you like drawing? Or do you prefer painting? Do you like making music or do you prefer writing?

You don't have to be creative or an artist to do art therapy. Art therapy is especially suitable for you if you have difficulties talking about your problems. Or if you are very good at talking about it but you don't know how you are feeling about it anymore.

Together we will sort out your life somewhat:
- you will gain insight in yourself and the situation,
- you will be connected to yourself and your feelings again,
- you will discover new ways in how you can take care for yourself at difficult moments.