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Art therapy


Art therapy distinguishes itself from other forms of counseling by allowing clients to express themselves using art, in the form of drawing, painting or sculpture.

The main focus in art therapy is the process of creation rather than the final product. Clients are encouraged to use their own imagination and artistic expression to explore feelings, ideas and issues evoked by the art-making process.

Possible aims within therapy
A view on some aims in which case art therapy could be helpfull.
- learning to deal with fear, agression or sorrow
- learning to express and/or feel emotions
- learning to deal with tension or finding a way in which you can let off steam
- learning to deal with situations that normally cause problems
- dealing with loss (for instance after death or divorse)
- dealing with a traumatic experience
- dealing with situations from the past
- working on self esteem (discover, develop and expand own skills and possibilities)
- working on assertivity (being able to say 'no', being able and daring to make your own choises)
- learning to structure your life (or behavior)
- practice different behavior and/or learn new skills.