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Daisy Luiten

IMG 0002 Daisy uitsnedeDaisy Luiten (1976) is married and mother of two young children. They live in the beautiful old city of Deventer in the Netherlands. Daisy is an Art Therapist specialising in bereavement counseling. She has a private practice at home and works with children, teenagers and adults.

All the Stars Above
Daisy is the developer of the successful therapeutic tool All the Stars Above. She has won two awards. All the Stars Above is being used worldwide.

Own experiences
Daisy Luiten experienced at the age of 19 what it means to lose a mother. To cope with the grief and loss, she searched for emotional support, but this was hard to find. Finally she found someone who helped her to find her own way to express her emotions and she started to paint, draw and create things to express her feelings. In addition, this experience inspired her to start working in this area herself.

After Daisy graduated as a graphic designer, she decided to go back to school to study art therapy at the University of Professional Education Hogeschool Utrecht Faculty of Social Studies. She also completed a two-year course in human interaction skills.

Working experiences
Since 2002 Daisy has a private practice (previously in Leidschendam, since the end of 2010 in Deventer). She has been connected for many years to the WSKO, an organisation covering all Catholic primary education in the region of Westland, Netherlands.

102 9120 daisy usWorth mentioning is the volunteerswork she has been doing with grieving children and teens. For eight years she worked with two different organisations organising camps and guiding peer groups.

National Bereavement Support Organization
Daisy is registered as a certified grief and bereavement counselor in
the referral archife of the Dutch National Bereavement Support Organization (LSR).

Professional organization
Daisy is a member of the Nederlands Verbond voor Psychologen, Agogen en Psychotherapeuten (Dutch association for Psychologists, therapists and Psychotherapists).