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Pictures made by adolescents playing the game

What did you do with * when you were together for the last time?
Alexandra (16 years old) wrote the following poem:

The final time
The feeling of goodbye
Never to see you no more, you become a golden memory,
I’ll miss you so, tears fall on the floor.
I don’t wanna lose you. The final word
what shall I say, bye Daddy, farewell?
No, I did differently, I took your hand.
Bye Daddy, I won’t see you no more but there’ll be a time we'll meet again.
I see you, your life has almost past, finally past, I’m going to bed.

What do you think about often?

Igor (15 years old) made the following picture:


When do you feel uncomfortable with other people?
Charles (13 years old) drew the following picture:


Did you help * because he couldn’t anymore himself?
How was that for you?

Picture by Samuel (17 years old):


Did * die at home or in the hospital?
How was that for you?
Rob (14 years old) made the following pictures: