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Reactions from children and adolescents

"The game was fun, it helped me to feel happy even when I was sad."
Anne-Mieke (8 years old).

"I liked to play the game. It helped me to talk more about the death of my father. I dared to tell more openly, because the other players had had the same experience. What I liked about the game is that I started to think about things I never thought about before."
Rozemarijn (15 years old).

"It is a nice game when one of your family members has died. You can learn a lot from it because you can find out that crying isn’t that bad."
Iris (9 years old).

"The game 'All the Stars Above' helps to express your feelings about the death of your mother or father. The questions do help to give you an idea what to talk about. I mean, if there were no questions, you probably wouldn’t know much to say about your mum. Basically, it's a good guide. It is also less sad to ask questions in a game. You can express your sorrows in a playful way. I also like the Indian Talking Stick, because you’ve got something to hold on to while you talk. The game is so nice, I even wanted to answer the questions meant for the other players.
So my conclusion is: a handy game that helps you in a playful way to cope with the immense loss of your mother."
Pieter (14 years old).