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Aim & target group

Target group
This therapeutic tool is a helping hand for therapists working with children, adolescents and adults who have had someone dear to them die.
The therapist can offer to play All the Stars Above during individual, family or group sessions.

The main aim of All the Stars Above is to encourage communication after a loss. For families the aim is to stimulate mutual communication. In a group situation All the Stars Above can be used to connect people and help them share similar experiences.

This therapeutic tool, in the appearance of a board game, can evoke intense emotions.
Only play All the Stars Above under the supervision of a therapist. Anyone, for instance next of kin, choosing to play this game without expert guidance does so at their own risk!

Use within therapy
'All the Stars Above' is designed to be used within a therapeutic Spelen_J_H
environment such as art therapy but could also be used as part of a verbal counseling session. This tool allows the therapist to use various means of expression such as poetry, drawing or playing a part or role.

This encourages the players to 'tell' more easily, expressing their feelings and memories and discussing topics such as the dying process, the funeral or cremation.

'Tell' is in quotation marks because it means telling in so many different ways - you can tell by talking about what happened, but also by playing or drawing.